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KYODAI is a world-class Fintech Startup company based in the United Kingdom innovated by the high tech professional and business community of the United Kingdom, Japan, USA, Canada, Mauritius and Singapore and Malaysia. Japanese KYO means today and KYODAI means we all are brothers and sisters. Our logo represents that together we can help each other, grow together and can contribute to the community to make it a better living place.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, the world has faced the largest economic shock in decades. From small scale businesses to large all have been affected severely. KYODAI came up with a new innovative fintech idea and offers a potential KYODAI platform with KYO Coin that will have a perfect blend of e-commerce, digital asset bank, digital asset exchange, global holiday package booking platform and real estate market. It will create numerous opportunities for youth, entrepreneurs and businesses to trade globally with digital currency.


Key features of KYODAI GIP
(Global Investment Program)


The KYODAI GIP is the World’s First Tron Blockchain-based decentralized platform with distributed storage technology.

Easy Order Execution

The platform offers real-time order execution at the lowest latency with the ability to process millions of transactions per second seamlessly.

High Throughput

High throughput is achieved by improving the transaction per second on the network. Our platform is capable of handling 2,000 transactions per second consistently.

Problems and Challenges

In the current economy, there is a lack of platforms that support digital currency. Thus digital currency holders do not have many options to utilize their wealth in the market. Although a few platforms have started accepting payment in digital currency, still there are many obstacles like transparency, security, low transaction speed and many more problems that are faced by the end-users.

Limited Acceptance of digital currency

One of the main reasons for the limited acceptance of digital currency as a means of payment is due to the lack of technology infrastructure and the different regulatory laws of digital currency in the different jurisdictions around the world.

Unreasonable Transfer and Exchange Fees

Even the digital currency conversion through the renowned exchanges applies exchange rates, withdrawal fees and taxes, which slows down the entire process and makes the system time-consuming.

Breach of Privacy

Another major concern is the breach of privacy on different websites as users disclose the personal details while registering on their site. Many times this information is disclosed with third parties without the user consent.

Lack of Knowledge & Limited Acess

Limited knowledge of digital currency among the general public is the largest barrier to use digital currency in everyday life. Another major concern is the lack of access to digital currency in the market.



Our mission is to establish a safe and secure digital currency and platforms where people can easily use their wealth in everyday life. KYODAI has launched Coin that is developed on the Blockchain technology to solve the lack of financing to improve the global market that ultimately contributes to a healthy economy in the new digital world.

Global Platform

We are the fastest growing network with innovative state of the art technology on a global level. Our KYO coin is gaining significant popularity in the new era of digital currency.

Safe and Secure

The smart contract aims to facilitate a trustworthy and secure relationship between two parties and removes the need for third-party involvement.

Economical Transaction Fee

We aim to provide speedy, low cost, borderless transaction and financial services to everyone anywhere around the world and create a bundle of new opportunities in the digital economy.

Easily Accessible

Our KYO Coin is easily accessible as compared to other digital currencies available in the market. We strive to become world’s local digital currency for the modern world.


Digital Currency For Digital Era

All business transactions are based upon some value. The equal amount of value transfer during business trade has been part of our history for at least thousands of years. In the current time, we call it money.No one knows for sure who first invented such money, but historians believe metal coins were first used as money as early as 5,000 B.C. Around 700 B.C, the Lydians became the first Western culture to make coins. Using coins with set values made it easier to compare values and trade money for goods and services. Before coinage, the barter system was the only way of exchanging goods and services.

Paper bills were first used by the Chinese, who started carrying folding money during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) mostly in the form of privately issued bills of credit or exchange notes and used it for more than 500 years before the practice began to catch on in Europe in the 17th century. While it took another century or two for paper money to spread to the rest of the world.

Now in the 21st century, technology has been so advanced, everything you want is online. For ease of transfer of money between two parties, the century has given rise to two novel forms of currency mobile payments and virtual currency. But there are still too many obstacles being faced by the end-users such as high transaction fees, taxes, lack of transparency and hackers.

To solve these current problems KYODAI came up with a solution. KYODAI has launched a KYO Coin, it offers the promise of lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms, and is operated by a decentralized authority, unlike government-issued currencies. KYO Coin aims to become a world local digital currency. KYO Coin will empower the common people to trade globally with confidence and no apprehensions.


KYO Coins

Our coins have real-world usage and the platform is powered by Blockchain technology.

Sales Information

Pre-Launch 1st January, 1970
Public Sale Starts 1st January, 1970
Public Sale Ends 1st January, 1970
Total Token Supply 50,000,000
Coin Allocated for GIP 30,000,000
Hard Cap 25,000,000 (25 Million)
Soft Cap 10, 000,000 (10 Million)
Coin Value USD
Accepted ETH, BTC, TRX, LTC

KYO Coin Sale Stage

Raised so far 0 KYO
Soft Cap 10,000,000 KYO
Hard Cap 25,000,000 KYO
Register & Buy Coin Now Minimum Purchase: 10 KYO
50% Bonus
Starts on
1st January, 1970 12:00 am
40% Bonus
Starts on
1st January, 1970 12:00 am

Coin Allocation


Funds Allocation

App Screen

KYODAI Smart Wallet

KYO Coin will be sent, received and stored easily via the KYODAI wallet of the user. The security of the wallets will be maintained by the smart contracts on the blockchain which makes the KYODAI wallet the most secure and fast.

  • Safe and secure
  • Universal and interactive
  • Easy send and receive

Read the Whitepaper

The world-class products e-commerce, KYODAI Social Media platform, Digital Asset Bank, Digital Asset Exchange, Global Holiday Package Booking Patform and Real Estate services are major attraction segments of services to generate KYODAI revenue to respect to our global investors. KYO coin will be the center of attraction to contribute to the revenue.


Investors Dashboard

KYODAI provides the most intuitive and user-friendly onboarding experience for investors to participate in the GIP platform and acquire KYO coins.

  • Quick & Secure Sign Up
  • Smart contracts integration and configuration
  • Seamless and secure transactions management
  • Manual & automated KYC process
  • Integrated bonus and referral programs
  • Real-time statistics
  • Mobile-Friendly and Support all modern browsers
  • Absolute Hacking Control
  • Supports multilingual
  • End-to-End 24x7 Support
Join our pathways to success


Check out our roadmap to doing a billion-dollar GIP. A plan for launching new products based on a blockchain platform.



Volkan Güney Eker
Chief Marketing and Communications.
Emeri Yajima
Director- Business Development and Investor Relations
Parminder Singh
Business Analytics and Branding
Shuto Furukawa
Data Scientist and Business Intelligence
Amrit S Panesar
Advisor – Investor Relations and Management


If you have any doubts you can go through below FAQs, or you can contact us anytime by filling the form and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.

What is KYO Coin?

KYO coin is a digital currency TRX 20 coin, built on Tron Blockchain. Our KYO coin will create an opportunity for everyone to use their digital currency in the market. KYODAI users or investors can utilize the KYO coin on the KYODAI Social Media Platform and on our upcoming platforms e-commerce, Digital Assetbank, Digital Asset Exchange, global health and real estate market.

KYODAI affiliate program allows its members to receive additional passive income. To activate the affiliate program, you first need to purchase KYO Coins. After that, your affiliate link will appear in the affiliate program section. Share the link and you will get the percentage of the deposit of attracted partners according to our affiliate bonus systems.

Global Investment Program of KYO Coin will starts in December, 2020. There will be 4 rounds in total. Register yourself, and we will keep you updated on the exact time of the sale and other details.

If you prefer not to wait for the official start of the public sale and want to be sure you get the KYO Coin with the exclusive price, take part in the closed pre-sale. Fill in the application form and someone from our team will contact you shortly to discuss the details.

A blockchain is a series of digital “blocks” linked together using an algorithm. Each block contains data. Data in a block cannot be changed once the block has been created.
Blocks are created by a distributed network of computers or nodes. Each node also stores a copy of the blockchain, a sort of shared ledger of records, which goes back to the first block.

KYODAI Coin and its platform has been built on decentralized blockchain technology. Nodes can check their own copies of the blockchain to reverify potentially fraudulent activity. The network it self resolves the problem by reverting to a previous version of the blockchain with no invalid transactions.

The Know Your Client form is a standard form in the investment industry that ensures investment advisors know detailed information about their clients’ risk tolerance, investment knowledge and financial position. The aim of KYC is also to prevent theft, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. It helps us ensure that our clients are not involved in any of the above, hence the service provider won’t get in trouble with the regulators.

No, only after the Global Investment Program (GIP) sale. Transfer or withdraw of KYo coins is locked during the time period of GIP to avoid a parallel market and to preserve the value of the coin. They will be unlocked a few days after the end of the sale. However, you can transfer or withdraw the KYO Coin that will earn from the KYODAI Affiliate Plan.